4 Recipes To Make A Vegetarian Diet Even Healthier

Aplant-based diet is a great choice for lots of reasons. But one thing you may not know is that plant-based proteins are not complete proteins. They lack nine essential amino acids your body needs for healthy hair, bones and teeth. The good news? You can find them all in milk.

Better still, dairy milk contains other important vitamins and minerals like protein and calcium, nutrients the typical vegetarian diet lacks.

What’s the no.1 macro nutrient for vegetarians? Protein!

Here are four high protein recipes to make a plant-based diet even better for you.

  • A Green Burst Smoothie with milk, avocado, grapes and more. Perfect post-workout or en route to the office.
  • Veggie Spring Rolls are a delicious start to summertime picnics and family-backyard barbeques. Add sriracha with a cold milk chaser.
  • Blueberry Energy Balls are a healthy snack, or, when time is tight, the perfect breakfast. This no-bake recipe takes under an hour.
  • Spicy Penne Sriracha pairs fresh Thai basil with garlic and farm-fresh vegetables for a delicious lunch or dinner.