All You Need To Know About All-Natural Milk

With so many benefits for health, wellness, energy and nutrition, all-natural milk is an all-purpose drink. It's a vital source of calcium and protein, with the power to help rebuild muscles in ways other drinks can't. Not only does it have what you need, it doesn't have what you don't. Milk has none of the added chemicals, sugar and caffeine packed into so-called "sports" drinks.

Drink up to power up

A beverage of many talents, milk is just as comfortable in a supporting role. Green Burst Smoothie, steel-cut oats or Spicy Penne Sriracha, milk makes anything it's added to shine. And a cold glass of milk is always ready to step into the spotlight — especially when you need to put out a five-alarm habanero fire. Whether in your protein smoothie, guava cream cheese ball, crepe or caffe latte, versatile, delicious milk is always there for you.