Raise A Glass, Mug Or Cocktail Shaker With Milk

From its humble beginnings in Mom’s chocolate milk recipe, milk is now center stage in hundreds of treats, accompanied by everything from coffee to chai to spiced rum. Here are a few of our favorite beverages that feature milk and a supporting cast.

Naturally versatile. Infinitely surprising.

  • Cuban Cafecito: Inspired by the island where enjoying coffee is an art, try a Radio Bemba, with dark rum, dark espresso and plenty of milk. Or the Euro-Cuban, a delicious blend of Nutella and whole milk with a touch of salt. https://www.smartfundiy.com/cuban-coffee-recipes/ 
  • Cool (or Hot) for Kids: Too young for caffeine doesn't mean too young for coffee. Treats like Snickerdoodle Milk or this classic Hot Chocolate will be the high point of any playdate.
  • Summertime Licuados: This traditional Mexican beverage that pairs milk with seasonal fruit and ice is a great way to kick off, or cool down a warm weather party with friends.

  • Milk Infusions: Clean-tasting with just a hint of sweetness, milk is the perfect canvas for other flavors to express themselves. Basil, mint, cinnamon, cardamom, lavender, green tea — the possibilities are limitless. Steep virtually anything in milk (as long as it’s not acidic, like citrus), heat it and enjoy —either straight up or as part of your favorite coffee, tea, or cocktail.
  • Milk-Based Cocktails: The White Russian is a classic, and like a true classic it inspires the generation that follows. Here are some worthy successors: the Horchata Chai Martini made with chocolate milk. The rich, decadent and straightforwardly named Red Wine Hot Chocolate. Lastly, during the holidays, crush up some candy canes and sprinkle them on a White Chocolate Peppermint Cocktail.
  • Party Milkshakes: From Drunken Doughnuts to Boozy Peaches and Cream, these grownup milkshakes are sure to bring a smile to anyone over 21 with a valid ID. https://www.delish.com/food/news/a40946/boozy-milkshake-recipes/