Real World Recipes. No Cooking School Necessary.

Beyond the breakfast table, milk is key to keeping the whole family fueled, focused and feeling good. Here are some of our favorite recipes that will come in handy all through the day. At home or work, there's something here for every occasion, from grab-and-go to sit-and-savor.

Rock your taste buds with some recipes

  • Power-Up Breakfast: Parenting expert Jill Simonian, known online as "Fab Mom”, lives up to the name with her Ice Cream Breakfast. Far less decadent than it sounds, it's a great idea for sneaking nutrition into kids' morning meals, even when time is tight.
  • Fresh, Flavorful Fusion Tacos: Real ginger and sriracha power this Asian-Latin take on a family favorite. Marinate the meat a day in advance and you'll be sitting down to eat in half an hour. And if you like to go heavy on the spice, be sure to have plenty of milk on hand.
  • Simple, Savory French Crepes: Parisians have the right idea. With a light green salad and glass of milk, France's sublime street food makes a simple and healthy light meal.
  • Peanut Butter and Banana “Sushi”: A protein-rich after-school snack kids will want to make themselves. Serve with milk and hold the wasabi.
  • Guava Cream Cheese Balls: Tart guava and cream cheese pair up for a savory snack with tropical flavors inspired by Cuban cuisine.
  • Jalapeño Cream Cheese Ice Cream: Hot and cold co-exist in this dessert that satisfies both a sweet tooth and a craving for heat.
  • Yogurt & Butter--From Scratch: Making these staples yourself is easier than you think. Even better, it lets you choose your own natural ingredients, as well as add-ins like fruit, or herbs and spices. More than a snack, yogurt adds body and texture to sauces and smoothies. Or use it to try unexpected pairings like Avocado + Lemon yogurt. And making your own butter using heavy cream and a mixer (or just a Mason jar) is a fun way to get young kids involved in the kitchen.