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    Know the Facts


We teamed up with the director and animators behind some of the most famous Schoolhouse Rock! episodes to create a musical video that takes us on an epic journey to find the truth about milk—and that reminds us how easy it is for misinformation to be spread. Watch the video to learn the real deal about real milk—and try to keep that earworm out of your head!

Meet the Characters

The Kid

He’s getting schooled about milk

Cartoon character with brown hair in a green shirt and khaki shorts walking in front of a white background.


He just wants to help people

A talking milk cartoon with arms and legs sitting on the edge of a grocery store shelf.

Almond and the Gang

They’re not real milk but they love real milk!

Three alternative milk cartons with arms and legs standing in front of a white background. One is soy, one oat and one almond drink.


He’s also got some misinformation issues

A cartoon figure of a moon with legs and a face, wearing glasses.

The Trolls

They spread untruths all day long

Two burly green trolls sitting at office desks on their phones and computers.


AKA Beelzebub, Lucifer, the Devil, etc.


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