Every Child is Unique, Special, Different

Is your child the kind of kid who could benefit from drinking milk? That depends.

Does your kid like to play sports? Then drinking low-fat or skim milk after exercise could ensure that he is hydrated and restocked with critical nutrients. Milk’s superior hydration ability comes from its electrolyte content and energy density. Plus, milk replaces sodium lost in sweat and helps the body retain fluid more effectively.

Do your kids love to take risks? While milk can’t prevent injuries from skateboarding, parkour or dodgeball, the calcium in milk can definitely make kids’ bones stronger.

Are your kids eating you out of house and home? If kids start their day with a good amount of protein, it improves the chances they won’t feel hungry by mid-morning. Not all protein sources are created equal, however. Milk protein is a complete protein, while most plant-based protein sources are incomplete, meaning they don’t give children the building blocks their bodies need. What’s more, milk gives children benefits that last long beyond the school day. Studies show that higher consumption of milk or full-fat dairy foods by children leads to less body fat in adolescence.


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