• You Can Always Count On Milk

    Never Doubt What You Love

  • You Can Always Count On Milk

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  • You Can Always Count on Milk


What We Stand For

The real values behind real milk

  • California Milk

    California is home to more than 1,300 dairy farms—97% of them family owned. Each farmer works tirelessly to keep their cows content, healthy and producing the highest quality, most nutritious milk there is.

  • Natural Goodness

    Milk does more than build strong bones. Milk’s many vitamins and minerals benefit your overall health, inside and out. From disease prevention to muscle building, milk is an essential part of helping every body thrive.

  • Our Processors

    California’s milk processors are held to the highest standards in the nation, so you can have complete confidence that the milk you’re drinking is the purest and best there is.

From Nature
The best on earth

From Nature
The best on earth

Milk has More

Every 8 ounce glass of milk delivers essential nutrients like calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, protein and vitamins A and D.

For All Stages of Life

Milk’s a natural way for adults to improve their health. Milk’s natural protein supports muscle repair and growth, and can even lower blood pressure

Nature’s Ancient Product

Our ancestors knew a good thing, which is why humans evolved to drink milk around 8,000 years ago. We’ve been enjoying the benefits ever since.

Healthy Wallet & Healthy Body

Nutrition doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Milk is a reasonably priced way to naturally get the nutrients too many of us are missing out on.

To Nurture
The best for your body

To Nurture
The best for your body

50% More Hydration

Because real milk is full of quality protein, carbohydrates and electrolytes, it hydrates you more than a glass of water or a sports drink—without the added sugar.

Something to Smile About

The calcium in milk helps build strong bones, including your jaw and your teeth.  Both can start to lose density if there’s not enough calcium in your diet.

Nature’s Fire Extinguisher

Capsaicin is the chemical that makes spicy food burn. But milk offers relief. Casein, a chemical in milk, binds to capsaicin and takes away the pain.

Real Milk's Radiant Effects

As we age, the protein in milk enhances skin’s elasticity. Milk also contains retinol, an anti-aging, skin-restoring antioxidant.

Never Doubt What You Love

News Exclusive

Doubting MILK Is Like Doubting Grandma
Never Doubt What You Love

Watch this video to see if California will let misinformation make them doubt the things they love most.

Are picnic vibes ruining the art of table manners or will Californians continue to pack their favorite foods and a glass of milk to enjoy outside? 🥛🧺
#NDWYL #gotmilk


Picnics forever duh!

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How many essential nutrients are found in an 8oz glass of milk?



More milk goodness

  • - From Farm to Family -
    Step 1

    Cows are usually milked two to three times a day at regular intervals for about five minutes. Most days, this yields about seven gallons a day per cow.

  • - From Farm to Family -
    Step 2

    Milk is stored, continuously chilled, for no more than 48 hours. It’s also agitated regularly to keep it fresh and to prevent the milk fat from separating.

  • - From Farm to Family -
    Step 3

    An insulated truck takes the milk to the dairy where its protein, fat and bacteria content are analyzed. There it’s tested to ensure it is completely antibiotic-free

  • - From Farm to Family -
    Step 4

    Milk is collected, heated, cooled and, finally, separated into different varieties like whole, low fat and skim.

  • - From Farm to Family -
    Step 5

    Once the milk is transferred into its container, each jug, carton or bottle is stamped with a date to ensure freshness. Then off it goes to your local store.

  • - From Farm to Family -
    Step 6

    In as little as two days after leaving the farm, your fresh real milk is on the shelf, awaiting your morning cereal, milk shake or post-workout smoothie.


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