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How many essential nutrients are found in an 8oz glass of milk?


Let’s get real, there’s actually no wrong way to enjoy a cold and creamy treat. We say add that chocolate syrup and don’t be afraid to get messy.

What will you include in your ultimate ice cream sundae? 🍦


REAL milk ice cream from my local dairy farm 🐄

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  • KSDK News

    Even with so many types of milk to choose from, dairy milk continue to prove to be the right choice.

    Drinking milk is linked to improved bone health, and it can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and Type 2 diabetes.

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  • Food Business News

    Finalists selected for 2022 Real California Milk Excelerator

    Eight finalists were recently announced for the 2022 Real California Milk Excelerator, a cohort that includes makers of snacks, drinks and more. Now in its fourth year, the program seeks to identify, curate and accelerate dairy-based products, from traditional food and beverage varieties, to textiles and beyond.

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  • Medical News Today

    Kids and teens who skip breakfast may have poorer physical and mental health

    We’ve always known breakfast is the most important meal of the day for our growing loved ones. New research which dives further into psychosocial health in addition to physical health, underscores why it’s key to not only eat breakfast, but also incorporate milk into that meal!

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  • PR Newswire

    New Statewide Education Campaign Aims to Increase Recycling of Plastic Milk Jugs

    The Recycle the Jug campaign encourages consumers to take three simple steps to recycle their plastic milk jugs – Pour it. Cap it. Bin it. Read more on, or by clicking the link below.

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  • Business Wire

    Clover Sonoma® Announces First Post-Consumer Recycled Gallon Milk Jug in the United States

    California dairy producers and processors are committed to providing a sustainable, nutritious product while working together to reduce the environmental impact of milk across its entire lifecycle. This initiative is an important step in that journey.

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  • Good Housekeeping

    Here’s What You Should Really Be Eating When You’re Hungry at Night

    When hunger hits at midnight, allow milk and other high-protein foods to satisfy you (and help you fall asleep). Visit Good Housekeeping to find 15 of the best, healthy late-night snacks, according to a nutritionist.

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  • Business Wire

    Straus Family Creamery and BMW Group Celebrate Earth Day with Advancement of Low Carbon Fuel Standard Program for Cow-Powered Climate Change Solutions

    Straus Family Creamery, one of California Dairy’s very own, is a a leader in climate-positive organic dairy farming innovation and has recently partnered with BMW in a revolutionary way.

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  • Houston Chronicle

    That Texas family who went viral over milk gets year’s supply from Dallas dairy

    After going viral for their daily milk consumption, the Stotler family received a year’s supply of milk from Dallas Dairy to ease the financial impact of rising grocery prices with inflation. Read more on the Houston Chronicle.

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  • PR Newswire

    New Data And Updated Nutrition Labeling Rules Push Milk Past Sports Drinks

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  • Grub Street

    Whole Milk Mounts Its Triumphant Comeback “Hot girls are ditching the alternatives and are going back to basics.”

    It seems like real milk might be inching towards the spotlight again– Not that we ever had our doubts! According to baristas in the U.S., more locals are going back to the basics: coffee orders with whole milk. And who can argue? It’s the creamiest, most delicious way to enjoy a cup of joe! Read more about how the drink we’ve always loved is starting to be on-trend again.

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  • Healthy Eating

    Exercise Superfuel

    There’s a reason more athletes are choosing real milk after a workout. Not only does milk contain high quality proteins, it also delivers carbohydrates which aid in muscle recovery and growth. And unlike many sports drinks, milk contains no added sugars, fillers or coloring. Top athletes agree—there’s no better fuel than milk. Even if doesn’t come in orange or purple.

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