Milk. Versatile, delicious and occasionally, decadent.

Team Milk has four key players: Skim, 1%, 2% and Whole. Beloved by fans for their distinctive characteristics, theyre all great at what they do—delivering nine essential nutrients, including high-quality protein and bone-building calcium to our diets.

But lets take a closer look at how you can bring out the hidden talents of each, in drinks that range from distinctly different to downright decadent.

Scores of us have hearted (or lusted after) Dalgona Coffee on social lately. Its really nothing more than instant coffee, sugar and water, whipped till theyre transformed into a silky froth. But once you’ve gotten it right, the resulting fluffy cloud of decadence is perched atop a nice tall tumbler of real milk and ice, photographed, posted, then stirred, transforming it into a delivery vehicle for happiness. For either of these treats, whatever real milk variety you use—not to mention what shape ice cubes—is up to you.

Feeling even more adventurous? Add fruit flavor and blazing color with this genius hack: Whipped Strawberry Milk. For this youll need some Strawberry Nesquik and the milk worlds favorite guest star—heavy cream. It tastes as beautiful as it looks, believe us.

Last, a great way to give your milk drinking an international flair: milk tea. There are countless varieties of tea, but here, black teas like Assam and Ceylon tend to work best. Youll also want to lean more into milk varieties with a higher fat content, from 2% all the way up to heavy cream. This ensures your milk tea has a nice body and richness.

From there, let your journey begin. To India, for Masala Chai Latte with its hints of cinnamon, cardamom and nutmeg. Or to England for a London Fog, also known as an Early Grey Tea Latte. On the last leg of the trip, try Hong Kong Milk Tea, which brings in a special guest from one of the further out branches of the milk family tree, sweetened condensed milk or evaporated milk.

There you have it. Choose your milk. And let the games begin.


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