The Lake’s Secret

To enjoy this story, you will need a glass of milk.

Rhino was a rhinoceros who lived near a lake full of milk. His forest friends told him that there was a very mysterious treasure at the bottom of it. Rhino was very curious to find this treasure. So one day, he decided to drink all the milk in the lake to reach the treasure.

But Rhino knew that he couldn’t take on such a big task all by himself, so he decided to ask his friends to help him. Do you want to help Rhino too? Take a sip along with Martin the Rabbit, another with Ulysses the Fox, and one final sip with Margarita the Turtle.

Rhino is very happy because thanks to your help and that of his friends, the lake is not quite as full of milk anymore. However, to discover the treasure at the bottom of the lake, Rhino still needs more help. The first one to arrive is Augusto the Lion. Can you show him how much milk he needs to drink?

Josefina the Elephant was the last one to arrive. Can you show Josefina what she needs to do to help finish all the milk in the lake? Thanks to you, Josefina has finished every last drop of milk, and Rhino and his friends have reached the mysterious treasure.

Olga the Bear wanted to wear it to look pretty, while Valentina the Ant wanted to use it as a jump rope for her children. The treasure was a short string of shiny stones. Can you guess what Rhino and all his friends found?


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