The Realest Taste Test

Have you ever wondered if you can truly distinguish the taste of real milk from alternative milk in your favorite recipes? Introducing “The Realest Taste Test” by gotmilk? – We invite “real food experts” to take the ultimate taste challenge, where we put their senses to the test and discover together just how expert they truly are. Do they have what it takes to identify The Realest? Along the way you’ll discover a real recipe, and experience authentic tastes like never before.

To set up the experiment, two identical dishes are meticulously crafted, differing only in the type of milk used. Then with both dishes in front of the experts, they face a true test of their senses. Texture, color, aroma – every detail will count; they will need to be meticulous, and careful if they want to pass the test.

For this first test, we’re delighted to welcome a special guest, Esteban Castillo, better known as @chicanoeats. He is an award-winning blogger, recipe developer, food photographer, cookbook author, and influencer. His recipes represent a deliciously sweet and savory fusion of cultures, resulting in a new generation of Mexican-American cuisine.

Everyone wants to be milk these days, we get it! But we’ve confirmed once more that Real milk stands as the undefeated champion. Beyond its composition of essential nutrients like calcium, vitamin D, and protein, real milk plays an important role in elevating recipes to another level. Real milk’s fat content and proteins are crucial to giving dulce de leche its rich, creamy texture. And adding real milk to churros introduces balanced fats that enhance their texture and flavor, while the natural creaminess of the milk elevates the taste.


Check out the REAL version of Esteban’s Churros & Dulce de Leche recipe here.

With “The Realest Taste Test,” we’re on a journey to confirm why we need real milk in our favorite recipes. Follow us on our social media for all the updates, behind-the-scenes moments, and the sheer joy of witnessing these taste testers tackle the realest taste challenge. 

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