The Waves on The Moon

To enjoy this story, you will need a glass of milk and a straw. 

Every night, Sofia drank her glass of milk as she gazed at the sky through her window. One day, Sofia told her mother that the white stars and the white moon were made of milk. Sofia’s mother smiled and told her to finish her milk and go to bed. Join Sofia in drinking some milk.

That night, Sofia had the most incredible dream. It was nighttime and the moon’s brightness lit up her backyard as never seen before. This was where Sofia had built her spaceship. She had everything she needed. Besides her ship, she had a beautiful space dress, a helmet, boots, and a large straw for drinking milk during her trip.

Sofia took off in her spaceship and made a brief stop at Orion’s Belt. Using the long straw she had packed for this voyage, she drank a little milk from each of its three stars. Imagine that your glass is one of Orion’s three stars and sip along with Sofia.

Then she stopped for a drink at an unnamed star. She sipped its milk through her straw and decided to name it “Sofia,” after herself. Would you like to name a star? Have a big sip of milk, choose a star, and give it your name.

When Sofia finally reached the moon, she gazed at the beautiful white waves. She pulled out her straw once again, and filled her tummy with enough delicious milk to give her energy for the return trip home. Now, it’s your turn. Finish your milk and join Sofia on her trip back home.

When Sofia opened her eyes, it was morning. She eagerly called out to her mother, exclaiming, “It’s true, Mommy! The moon and the stars are made of milk!” Her mother looked surprised, but Sofia was so certain, she said, “It’s obvious, Mommy. Why do you think our galaxy is called the Milky Way?” From then on, each time Sofia’s mother looked at the moon, she caught a glimpse of its white waves.

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