A Day With Pedro

To enjoy this story, you will need a glass of milk.

Pedro is a fire engine unlike any other fire engine. He is red, he carries fire hoses, and he puts out fires, just like all the others. But what makes Pedro a rather original truck is this: instead of using gasoline like all the other fire engines, Pedro needs milk to drive around and do his job. Would you like to join Pedro on his busy day by drinking some milk?

Once he’s full of energy, he visits some stores to make sure that the fire alarms and the smoke detectors are working. When he’s finished, Pedro returns to the fire station to fill up on energy, drinking another glass of milk so he can continue his busy day. Join him by having a few more sips of milk from your own glass.

Pedro then makes sure that all of the fire hoses, jackets, and helmets are in perfect condition. The firefighters need to be prepared at all times. The alarm rings and Pedro quickly responds.

Pedro rescues a colorful parrot from a big fire. The parrot excitedly tells him: “Thank you, thank you very much, thank you, thank you very much, thank you, thank you very much!” Toast Pedro with your glass of milk for his bravery.

Night has arrived and Pedro needs to rest after such a busy day. Finish your glass of milk with him before bedtime. Pedro thanks you for joining him on his workday and bids you a very good night!

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