Benito the Grumpy Elephant

To enjoy this story, you will need a glass of milk and a straw. 

Benito was an Elephant who was always grumpy. His attitude was so bad, that none of the other animals wanted to talk to him. Every afternoon, all the animals would get together by the river to talk and drink, but no one ever wanted to talk to Benito.

Benito would show up at the river with a long face, putting his trunk in the water to drink and drink. Can you use your straw like an elephant’s trunk and drink your milk like Benito? Benito takes several big gulps. He didn’t do this because he was thirsty, he did it so he could listen to what the rest of the animals were talking about and so that he wouldn’t feel so lonely.

One day, as Benito drank, he heard two storks talking about his grumpy mood. Curious about their conversation, Benito drank a bit more than usual. He wanted to understand why no one spoke to him. Show us how much Benito drank this time. Benito discovered that no one spoke to him because everyone thought he was always in a grumpy mood, so he decided to change his attitude.

That same afternoon when all the animals were getting together by the river, Benito showed up whistling and dancing. Everyone was very surprised to see him in such a good mood and they all wanted to talk to him.

First the storks approached him and then the hyenas. Finally, a group of zebras talked to him. Benito was so happy, so very happy, that it was difficult for him to drink. Can you try smiling and drinking at the same time? From that day on, no one ever thought Benito was a grumpy elephant.

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