Dante’s Monstrous Monsters

To enjoy this story, you will need a glass of milk.

Dante was a little boy who was very afraid of monsters. As soon as his bedroom light was turned off, they would show up and keep him from sleeping peacefully. The ones that scared him the most were: the big and hairy one, the one with snake tongues and light bulb eyes, and the two-headed beast with the toucan beak, elephant legs, and a popsicle body.

Until one night, Max the Robot approached him with a glass of milk and a secret to stop being afraid of monsters. Drink some milk with Dante and find out what you have to do so the monsters don’t scare you. Max told him: “The best weapon against monsters is laughter.”

But Dante did not believe he could laugh when a hairy monster was standing in front of him. “It’s easy. Imagine that he is shaved from his toes to his nose.” Max said. Dante smiled and took another sip of milk. Join him, sipping from your glass.

He thought this trick wouldn’t work on the monster with the tongue made of snakes and light bulb eyes. “What if you give him one of your boogers?” Max asked. Dante laughed quite a bit.

But Dante was sure that nothing could make him laugh in front of the frightening beast with two heads, toucan beak, elephant legs, and a popsicle body. Finish your glass of milk along with Dante, and find out what Max said next. After thinking and thinking, Max finally said, “Imagine that the monster is wearing funny looking boxers.” Dante laughed and laughed for a long time.

Thanks to Max the Robot, Dante has learned that with a positive attitude, you can overcome all your fears.

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