Milk dresses up these Halloween treats

Here are a handful of ideas for delicious Halloween treats sure to become family traditions. They’re simple and fun to make and while, yes, they’re treats, you can take comfort in knowing they contain milk, with all its healthy benefits for kids.

Let’s take this chronologically, starting with Halloween Eve. Once the kids are down for the night, get the jump on the big day with chocolate milk overnight oats. Whether they have them for breakfast or after school snack, the kids will love the chocolate and the pumpkin seeds.

Another great way to start Halloween morning is with pumpkin pancakes. No carving necessary. You will need some pumpkin puree, but don’t worry you can buy it canned.

No beloved kids holiday would be complete without some combination of cookies and milk. We suggest these completely not-spooky ghost-shaped sugar cookies. They’re adorable and delicious, and there’s no more thematically appropriate way to wash them down than a mug of moon milk. Warm chocolate milk, pumpkin spice and ghost-face marshmallows are sure to delight every goblin, super hero, witch or wizard in your family.


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