Thirsty Carlitos

To enjoy this story, you will need a glass of milk and a straw.

Carlitos was not only the thirstiest of all the hummingbirds, but to his brothers’ misfortune, he was also the fastest. He would wake up and fly towards the red roses and drink their nectar with his long beak. Can you imitate him by drinking your milk? He would then fly towards the white and yellow roses to drink all of their nectar. Use your straw as if it were a beak and drink as much as Carlitos.

Within minutes, Carlitos left all of the roses dry and his brothers without breakfast. They were very angry and told him he was very selfish and left him alone. Carlitos was so sad that from that day on, he decided he would only drink the nectar from the white roses and leave the rest for his brothers.

When Carlitos woke up the next morning, he was extremely thirsty so he flew quickly towards the white roses. He drank their nectar, but this time he did it slowly, enjoying the delicious taste little by little. Can you pretend to be Carlitos slowly drinking from the white roses?

It was then he realized, that the more time he spent savoring his favorite drink, the more he enjoyed it. In reality, what Carlitos enjoyed the most was sharing breakfast with all his brothers.

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