You don’t have to love turkey to love this one.

Need a way to keep the kids busy while the turkey roasts (and roasts…)? We’ve got you covered. This is the perfect year to brighten up your Thanksgiving table with some homemade family crafts. Here’s a DIY Thanksgiving Turkey even a Pilgrim couldn’t help admiring.

Start by finishing off a delicious gallon of real milk. Then wash out the jug and round up the following:

  • Scissors
  • Red & brown acrylic paint
  • 2 googly eyes
  • 2 black pompoms
  • A glue gun or some superglue
  • Multi-colored construction paper

Ready to go?

Use your scissors to carefully cut off the top section of the milk jug where the lid attaches, so you have a hole at the top.

Then, paint the jug your favorite shade of brown. When it’s dry, paint the sides red for the wings (OK, turkeys don’t have red wings, but they wish they did) and the top of the handle—AKA the gobbler—red, too.

Now on to the turkey’s head. Glue two black pompoms to the top of the handle. After the pompoms have completely dried, glue the googly eyes onto the pompoms. And voila—eyes!

Next comes the beak. Cut a triangle out of the construction paper and attach it beneath the eyes.

Last, gather up your construction paper and cut out orange, red and yellow feathers in different sizes and attach them to the back of the jug to create the turkeys tail.

Congratulations! You’ve just won best Thanksgiving Turkey (non-edible category).


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