The perfect snack for kids

Childhood is pretty much non-stop, which is why snack time is a really important pit-stop for young speed-demons. And without question, the best way for kids to refuel is with plenty of protein. Something every glass of milk contains a lot of—8 grams to be specific. The natural protein found in milks helps build and repair muscles and healthy bones. Milk is also the top food source of calcium, vitamin D and potassium – three nutrients most of us don’t get enough of.

The benefits of milk for kids are beyond dispute, but the challenge is getting them to slow down long enough to enjoy it. One sure-fire way to do it with snacks. But not just any snacks. You want snacks like these—delicious and simple to make treats that either incorporate milk or go beautifully with a nice cold glass of it. They’re guaranteed to help your kids power-up in a way that everyone can feel good about.

Aerial shot of a purple acai bowl with berries on top, next to a piece of toast and a bowl of popcorn mixed with chocolate chips.

Acai Bowl
Eating acai is like getting the best of pudding and gelato without any of the downside. And it’s purple! What’s not to love?

Aerial shot of two chocolate banana smoothies neatly surrounded by various ingredients, on a wooden tabletop.

Chocolate Banana Smoothie
Very ripe bananas might not look so lovely on the outside, but they’re the perfect source of sweetness and good nutrients in these easy to love smoothies.

Close up of three green and purple homemade popsicles.

Perfect Pair Pops
Tart, sweet and as easy on the eyes as they are delicious, these refreshing fruit-filled treats contain milk for added calcium and protein.

Aerial shot of a veggie frittata in a cast iron skillet with a glass of milk next to it.

Veggie & Protein Frittata
Hot, cold or in-between, when washed down with an 8-ounce glass of milk, this frittata with veggies delivers 32 grams of protein. It’s the ideal anytime power source.

Shot of a glass filled with rice pudding next to a glass of milk with a black etched skull on the front.

Mexican Pumpkin Rice Pudding
This spin on traditional Mexican rice pudding mixes pumpkin puree with honey and milk. Whether for dessert or at snack time, it’s sure to brighten up even the shortest days of the year.


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