DIY Halloween crafts start with milk

If you thought the best thing about a milk jug or carton was that it was filled with milk, think again! It’s also full of ways to engage your kids in wholesome hands-on fun—not to mention giving you a chance to scratch your craftiness itch.

Why not start with the Jug-o-Lantern? All it takes is an empty one-gallon milk container and some paint. Just add faces, the scarier the better. If you want some spooky illumination, just add some orange LED flameless tea lights. And if you’ve ever carved a real pumpkin, you’ll thank us for the hours you won’t spend cleaning up pumpkin guts.

These delightful milk carton lanterns are another fun option, one that requires only empty milk chocolate cartons (which your kids will be happy to empty for you, meaning you’ve won them over before you’ve even started). They’re simple, festive and bound to spread Halloween cheer.

These are just a small sampling of the creative things you can do with all the different containers milk comes in. It goes to show that with milk and a little imagination, when it comes to keeping the kids entertained this Halloween, you have nothing to fear.


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