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goes great with a glass of milk

Besides helping children grow strong and tall, milk also helps them get a good night’s sleep. That’s why it’s a good idea to enjoy a glass of milk before bedtime with a “Once Upon a Time.” Got Milk’s Bedtime Stories Collection will not only give you a beautiful moment to share with your little ones, before they visit dreamland, it will also inspire their creativity and imagination while enjoying the stories of lovable characters.

  • - A Day with Pedro -

    Join Pedro, the fire truck as he helps around his community fueled by nutritious milk.

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  • - Thirsty Carlitos -

    Join Carlitos, the hummingbird as he learns that sharing is caring.

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  • - Elena the Slurping Monkey -

    Join Elena, the monkey as she discovers how to enjoy a delicious milk in silence.

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  • - Dante’s Monstrous Monsters -

    Join Dante into facing his fear of the dark, with a little help from Max, the Robot.

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  • - The Waves on The Moon -

    Join Sofia as she blasts off into an adventure in outer space.

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  • - Benito the Grumpy Elephant -

    Join Benito at the waterhole as he discovers the true value of friendship.

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  • - The Lake's Secret -

    Join Rhino as he drinks his way into discovering a treasure at the bottom of the lake.

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